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& Wholesale Supplier.

 Rich in Quality.  Rich in History.  

We are one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of raw and  roasted Madhubani Makhana worldwide.

Our reputation, knowledge, and understanding of the Makhana marketplace are  second to none.

We pioneered the commercial development of Makhana as an organic food source  in Madhubani, Bihar in India, nearly 90 years ago.

With the discovery of Makhana as the new superfood for a healthy life, world demand is increasing rapidly.  At Madhubani Makhana, we guarantee the supply of top-quality raw or roasted Makhana to order, in bulk.

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If you want original, genuine makhana, buy from Madhubani Makhana    

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Given our heritage, knowledge, and experience, we are doing our utmost to lead and bring about change to benefit all involved in Makhana manufacturing & business.


Our consistent quality, long-established supply chain, and ethical business practices has made us the preferred choice as a Makhana manufacturer and wholesale supplier in Madhubani, Bihar, India..

We are the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Makhana worldwide. As the original pioneer of Makhana production, we know what we are talking about, you can rely upon us!

 Key Benefits

 Competitive Pricing

 Quality testing and control at every level

  Efficient and experienced workforce

  Customised packaging

  Ability to handle small to bulk orders - all on time

  Spacious and well-connected warehouse

  Ethical and sustainable business and harvesting practices

  Our relationship with farmers & commitment to fair wages

  Fully collaborative supply chain using the latest technology β€‹

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If you want original, genuine makhana, 

buy from Madhubani Makhana!

Don’t settle for anything less!

Our Credentials

We prioritize rigorous Quality Control and the ongoing adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Safety standards governed by ISO 15000, ISO 22000, FSSAI, and APEDA regulations.

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